Digital Marketing Services

Avamia offers a variety of services that can help take your business to the next level. Whether you need a new website prototyped, designed, and coded up, or you want to reach your customers across different markets, we’ve got you covered.


While it’s great to rank highly on organic search, it can take significantly longer to show up as the first few results for competitive keywords on search engines. This is where Paid Per Click advertisement comes into play. We can help you manage the different platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads to target specific audiences in certain regions to drive clicks to your website or landing pages. Learn More.

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Trying to rank highly on popular keywords? You won’t get there by just creating a website with information and some pretty pictures. There’s an entire strategy involved in optimizing your website, focusing on keywords, and getting valuable links back to your website to rank higher on search engines. Learn more.

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As part of a cohesive digital strategy, branding is a subtle aspect that can make a massive difference in how customers perceive a business. The businesses that last the longest, beat the competition, and are rememberable have a strong brand strategy. Learn more on how we can help you with branding.

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When thinking about your website, how it should look, how many pages to have, the format and many other details, web design is the type of service a lot of business owners think of. We think of Web Design as both the visual and functional aspect of how your website should be delivered to your customers. Learn more to see how our process works.

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Web application development is a great way to bring scalable business solutions to your customers. Whether you are looking for a way to automate your marketing machine, build a customer dashboard for your services, or a native mobile application, our team of expert developers at Avamia are here to help. Learn more about our development process.

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The difference between landing pages that convert and ones that eat up digital ad revenue are ones that are designed around an action or goal and have a balance of copy, images and forms. Learn the differences between a standard webpage and landing page.

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